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Say goodbye to complicated IoT solutions. Viatick delivers plug & play solutions to help you lower insurance payouts, accident rates, increase productivity, and faster time to market implementations.


Featured Services that We Provide

Indoor Positioning

Our indoor positioning engine that is stable, accurate, and scalable

IoT Devices

IoT devices that are all calibrated for you, and suitable for the harshest conditions

Asset Tracking

Active monitoring of your assets, both indoors & outdoors

Personnel Tracking

A bird’s eye view on where all personnel are, any time, indoors & outdoors

Detailed Telemetry

Advanced insights on all IoT devices deployed, with automated triggers built in

Intuitive Analysis

Impactful analysis that is easy to understand, & apply to your business

A Quick Plug & Play Platform For Personnel & Assets Tracking

From personnel to assets, Jarvis helps you to start tracking your resources, both indoors & outdoors quickly. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and lets you control your resources efficiently .

Personnel & Assets Tracking

Active zonings / geofencing

Automated alerts for zone breach / out of zone situations

Impactful audit trail of personnel / assets’ movement

Experts that help you, scale your deployments, from ground zero

Our team of experts are dedicated to see your IoT project grow, scale, and be self sustaining.

Personnel & Assets Tracking

Smart Cities

IoT Devices

Personalised IoT consultancy

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  • We worked with Viatick on several successful projects. I must say, Viatick is certainly one of the more innovative, resourceful and energetic team around.

    Patrick Ng

    Technology scout and broker, Management Consultant
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  • Best working experience with this amazing team & in future, we want to work together.

    Kern Peng

    Business Development Director of Samsung SDS
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Edmund Gair

Head Operation & Strategy

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Louis Lee

Head Accounts & Engagement

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Zeal Zhu

Project Lead

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Anna Polubatko

Project Manager

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Khoa Pham

Senior Dev Ops

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Long Nguyen

Full Stack Developer

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Putra Fajar

Full Stack Developer

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